4 film favourites: ( space jam/ Looney Tunes: back in Action/ Funky Monkey / Osmosis Jones.Funky Monkey (2005) A CIA agent (Modine) and Clemens, a super intelligent chimp trained in martial arts, break out of a secret testing lab, which turns primates into soldiers.With evil henchmen on their trail, they go into hiding in the house of a local boy and his mother. Clemens is captured and the new friends team up to attempt a daring rescue. With hilarious animal antics and exciting action, Funky Monkey is fun the whole family can enjoy.Space Jam (1996) His Airness and His Hareness; what a team! Michael Jordan slams, Bugs Bunny jams and a cavalcade of Looney Tunes and NBA stars hoop it up in the rim-rattlin’, out-of-this-world, round ball romp: Space Jam.Osmosis Jones (2001) Frank (Bill Murray “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Charlie’s Angels”), whose body is the “City of Frank” and host to its’ inhabitants, falls victim a viral infection.

Looney Tunes – Back in Action (2004) Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elf man, Steve Martin. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck have to team up to stop the ominous Acme Corporation from obtaining the rare and beautiful Blue Monkey Gem. A non stop adventure combining live action and animation, with plenty of surprise cameos!

X COM. There is going to be a global Alien invasion, but the X Com commander is the man for the job. He will defend against this terrifying invasion with his expertise, knowledge and combat strategies he will succeed, the unknown enemy.Price CDN$ 32.99
Bee Gees live by request Taped in 1997, One Night only trades on the Bee Gees’ shape-shifting career as pop survivors.  MGM Grand in Las Vegas for both video and CD posterity sprints through 31 songs from their past three decades.  Bee Gees with the dance floor bonanza they reaped through 1978’s Saturday Night Fever, we can reminisce over again as to how groovy, magic, and wonderful those days were with Bee GeesPrice CDN$ 199.59 The dark knightThe Dark Knight (best superhero movie ever? posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger?),Perfect casting, for this role bypassing the normal fantasy element of the super hero, this comes over as terrifyingly real. You will be on the edge of your seats, so hold tight.Set in Gotham City, the solution to their problems mount when the joker thinks that they should kill Batman.There is love, romance, thrills, and tragedy.At 152 minutes, it is a shade too long, and it is much too intense for kids.Price CDN$ 10.99New CDN$ 14.99