Zumba fitness exhilarateTorch calories at home with a rocking dance fitness party Over 30 dance styles from around the world. Do you need to tone up this is a very active, and vibrant music, the calories will fall off. Get your friends around, have fun, have a party laugh your way through the lost calories. So easy to use from the comfort of your own home! All on DVD.Price CDN$ 59.99 Tracking fit bit wireless activity or sleep trackerKeeping ahead of the tacks you take with the Fitbit tracker. This will account for the days, and nights when you sleep it tells you how well you slept, a for how long. It is with great satisfaction that you can know how many calories you areĀ  burning in a day and this will tell you.
The Schwinn Midmoor 26“ mens bikeWith 21 gears, this bike is suitable for boy / girl.Model # S5134.This bike comes with many features e.g post suspension seat.

Country of origin – china

Lightweight, comfortable, versatile, stylish